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    Entertainment Industry

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    Business Formation

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    General Counsel & IP Management




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    Such pleasure of working with Silvia to help expand our tech project from Europe to the USA, and must say, it was a truly rewarding experience. Silvia displayed an unparalleled level of professionalism, commitment, and passion for our ideas throughout the entire process.

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    I can confidently say that as a brand, we are really happy to work with Silvia and her team for our trademark case. Their attention to detail and expertise on strategy made our job much easier and allowed us to navigate the complex legal requirements seamlessly.

  • Industry

    Tailored services for each unique industry.


    Band Agreement

    Album/Royalty Agreement

    Concert/Touring Agreement

    Work-for-hire Agreement

    Distribution/License Agreement

    Synchronizing Agreement

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Copyright and Trademark Protection

    Band Split / Band Name Dispute

    Recording Agreement

    Copyright Assignment

    Band Name Protection (Trademark)


    Film/TV Production

    Production Agreement

    Actor Agreement

    Investment/Joint-venture agreement

    Crew Member/Work-for-hire Agreement

    Location/Model Release

    Distribution/License Agreement

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Copyright Clearance for insurance

    Copyright and Trademark Protection

    Life Story Purchase Agreement

    Feature Writer Agreement

    Screenplay Purchase Agreement


    Infringement Issues

    Copyright Infringement

    Trademark Infringement

    Trademark Co-Exist Agreement

    Cease and Desist Letter

    Demand Letter

    Settlement Negotiation

    TTAB Proceedings

    UDRP Proceedings

    DMCA Takedown Notices

    Federal and State IP Registration

    International IP Registration

    Intellectual Property Litigation



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